Italy transport map

Map of Italy transport. Italy transport map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Italy transport map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Italy has well developed public and private transportation options. Italian rail network is extensive, especially in the north, generally eclipsing the need for an alternative such as bus or air (both of which, however, exist to some extent) as its shown in Italy transport map. While a number of private railroads exist and provide mostly commuter-type services, the national railway, Ferrovie dello Stato, also provides sophisticated high-speed rail service that joins the major cities of Italy from Naples through northern cities such as Milan and Turin. Italy has 2507 people and 12.46 km2 (World seventh) per km of rail track.

Map of Italy transport

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Transportation and logistics have been fundamental in Italy since the earliest times, with much of the infrastructure built by the Romans still in existence beneath the motorways of Italy today. Italy favorable position, in proximity to the Middle East and Africa, has also eased the development of the Italian transport industry, promoting it as a Euro-Mediterranean logistic platform for container handling, particularly for trade with northern and southern regions. Major cities all have good transport systems, including bus, tram and metro networks as its mentioned in Italy transport map. In Venice, the main public transport option are the vaporetti (small passenger ferries) which ply the city waterways.