Italy airport map

International airports in Italy map. Italy airport map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Italy airport map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Italy has a number of important international airports and the national carrier, Alitalia, has a fleet of 166 planes which transport 25 million passengers annually and connect Italy to 60 other countries as its shown in Italy airport map. Overall, Italy has 136 airports, the most important being Fiumicino (Rome), Malpensa and Linate (both serving Milan), Ronchi dei Legionari (Trieste), Caselle (Turin), and Marco Polo (Venice).

International airports in Italy map

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Italy is well served by several major international airports. You can get direct service to several cities including Milan, Rome and Naples. Modern airports are located a short distance from the city center. You will find many trains and buses to bring you to other parts of Italy including the Amalfi Coast and the Venetian canals. International Airport of Palermo, as its mentioned in Italy airport map is located on the northern coast of the southern island of Sicily has a single modern terminal with all mod cons. It facilitates both international and domestic flights and is the main centre for all the flights to the island.
The Leonardo da Vinci Airport by Rome is the largest airport in Italy and the main hub for Italy’s largest airplane company Alitalia. The airport is located west of Rome near the Mediterranean coast by the city Fiumicino as you can see in Italy airport map. Getting from da Vinci airport to the centre of Rome is fast and easy. As an alternative to flying to da Vinci airport, the Rome Ciampino Airport can be used. If you travel to anywhere in the Lazio, Umbria or Abruzzo region one of those two Rome airports might be the best choice due to the larger amount of international connections. International Airport of Trieste, is situated to the north east of Italy has a single flight terminal and receives both domestic and international flights.
The Rome Ciampino Airport (G. B. Pastine International Airport) is located a bit south of the city. From the airport it takes about 30-40 minutes to get to the centre of Rome. If you are travelling to Aprilia, Latina, Frosinone or somewhere in the eastern part of the Lazio region, getting a flight to Ciampino airport would be the optimal solution as its shown in Italy airport map. The International Airport Abruzzo International (Pescara) (PSR), is located 4Km south of the ancient city of Pescara, on the banks of the river Pescara. Malpensa International Airport is located at reasonable distance from the city of Milan receives flights to northern Italy from the US and the whole of Europe. There are two terminals in this airport which are connected by shuttle bus services.