Italy toll roads map

Italy highway map. Italy toll roads map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Italy toll roads map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. An autostrada is an Italian toll road as its shown in Italy toll roads map. When you enter an Autostrada, look for a gate marked "Biglietto" (ticket) with a green light, where you will take a ticket. Do not enter gates marked "Viacard" or "Telepass" unless you have one. Generally, you pay the toll at toll booths when you exit the autostrada or when the autostrada ends (when entering a tangenziale, for example). Usually, the tourist will look for the booths that allow cash payment, since some of the payment methods only work with Italian credit and debit cards or other means meant for residents. In major tourist areas (around Florence for example) there will be a sign directing "tourists" to the cash lanes. Hand your ticket to the person in the booth and pay the amount that comes up in the LCD panel near the window.
The maximum speed on an autostrada or toll roads in Itay is 130 km per hour as its mentioned in Italy toll roads map. There are speed traps called autovelox, and recently the fines have increased for speeding. The posted speed may be slower, especially if road work is being done. You must drive with your lights on. Autostrada tolls can be quite expensive. Usually there is a toll-free state road, or Strade Statale, that parallels the autostrada. Sometimes these can be quite slow going, especially if they pass through towns, so the tourist on a limited time budget may wish to use the faster roads.
In Italy, toll roads are narrower. Usually no shoulders. The lanes not as wide. This alone puts you into an entirely different situation. You may feel like you are in a game of bumper cars. Even if the driving speeds were the same as they are in the US, everything is compressed spatially, so the perceived speeds are higher. You need to be able to react quickly. Cars are smaller, too, everything in miniature and at higher speeds. Even time itself passes differently as you drive from point A to point B as you can see in Italy toll roads map. For this reason alone, you can not be sipping on a giant 20 oz. drink or chomping on a Big Mac while driving.