Driving map of Italy

Best driving map of Italy. Driving map of Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Driving map of Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. You will probably use the Autostrada, Italy excellent but expensive toll roads as its shown in driving map of Italy. We have a map and information on getting the most out of the experience with our Interactive Autostrada Map. Sure, the slow road is better, but the Belle Paese slow roads have gotten slower as Italy cracks down on the zippy driving Italians are known for.

Best driving map of Italy

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The Autostrada map shown below shows all the fast toll roads in Italy. It is interactive for those of you with browsers supporting the Flash plugin. If you do not have flash, a static map will be shown. On Italy toll roads, you will take a ticket and pay when you exit the autostrada or hit a tangential road near a very large city. Although most of the autostrade are not as scenic as the smaller roads, the maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour makes getting between cities much faster than the declining maximum speeds on the national roads as its mentioned in driving map of Italy.
Driving in Italy is not for the unadventurous. While most forgo driving in the cities and rely on public transportation, driving is the main way to access and explore remote areas and small towns and is most often the only way to take in the beauty of the Italian countryside. Do not drive in an area with a ZTL sign or one marked Area Pedonale (limited traffic or pedestrian zones) as you can see in the driving map of Italy. Most cities have these zones, and even in small towns, you may find them in the historic center, or centro storico. A special permit is needed to drive in a limited traffic zone (which your hotel can usually provide if it is within one). Italian drivers tend to drive fast, especially on the autostrada, but are generally not aggressive. But unless you are planning to race in the fast lane, just leave the left lane for passing and stick to the right-hand lanes.