Map of north west Italy

North west Italy map. Map of north west Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of north west Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Lombardy, Piedmont and the Ligurian coast make up the country most prosperous region. Industry and commerce have made the fortune of its three great cities – Milan, Turin and Genoa as its shown in the map of north west Italy. If the last has drawn on the riches of the seas, Milan and Turin, in close contact with France and Germany just across the Alps, have had the added underpinning of flourishing agriculture in their Po Valley hinterland.
The region has won world recognition in the vanguard of the arts, of modern design in clothes and furniture, not forgetting the automobile and communications industries. For relaxation, the Italian Riviera east and west of Genoa ­alternates a rugged coastline with the occasional fine sandy beach. Hugging the slopes of Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco), Courmayeur is one of Italy oldest and most picturesque ski resorts as its mentioned in the map of north west Italy. To the north and east of Milan are the romantic lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda.
The beauty of northwestern Italy is its diversity. Piedmont capital, Turin, is an elegant, easy city of baroque palaces, cutting-edge galleries and fittingly fabulous dining as you can see in the map of north west Italy. While the region might have been one of Italy 20th-century industrial success stories, it has also retained deep, lasting links to the soil, its wines and culinary offerings earning it the name of the ‘new Tuscany’.