Map of train lines in Italy

Train map Italy network. Map of train lines in Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of train lines in Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. The following train lines of the TAV system are already in use as its shown in the map of train lines in Italy. Florence–Rome: "Direttissima", the first TAV line (construction started 1970, first stage opened 1978, finally opened in 1991). Trains on the line use 3 kV electric current. Rome–Naples: Construction of this line started 1994, and it opened on 19 December 2005, except for the final 25 km from Gricignano di Aversa to Napoli Centrale, which opened on 13 December 2009. Trains on this line utilise 25 kV 50 Hz power. Turin–Milan: The Turin-Novara section of the line opened in 2006. Construction of the Novara-Milan segment started in 2002 and opened on 13 December 2009. Trains use 25 kV 50 Hz current.

Train map Italy network

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Padua–Venice section of the Milan–Venice train line: 23 km (14 mi), it was built by RFI S.p.a. and opened in 2007. The line uses 3 kV current. Milan–Treviglio section of the Milan–Venice line: 23 km, it was built by RFI as its mentioned in the map of train lines in Italy. Opened in 2007, the line has 3 kV current. Milan–Bologna. After starting construction in 2000, this segment entered service on 13 December 2008. and cut travel time from Milan to Bologna from 103 minutes to 65 minutes; it reduced Milan-Rome travel times by about half an hour. Bologna–Florence: Construction of the line started in 1996 and the first train ran on 5 December 2009. A regular passenger service began on 13 December 2009.
Future train lines as you can see in the map of train lines in Italy: Milan-Venice: although the project was approved in 2006/7 , construction on the Verona-Padua line has not yet started. The Milan-Verona line was approved in 2003, but construction has not started on that, either. The Milan–Treviglio and Padua-Mestre lines will become part of the Milan-Venice line. Milan-Genoa: the project was approved in 2006; no construction work has taken place. Lyon-Turin: the Lyon-Turin railroad would connect Lyon, Chambéry, and Turin, and join the French TGV and Italian TAV networks. It would take over the role of the current Fréjus railway.. Milan-Swiss border-Chiasso: a route connecting the Italian TAV network to Switzerland and Germany would do so through Swiss project AlpTransit, which includes the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. Brenner Base Tunnel.