Map of Italy

Where is Italy on the map. Map of Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Italy is located in South-central Europe on the Apennine Peninsula. It is positioned both in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. Italy shares its borders with Switzerland and Austria in the north, with Slovenia in the northeast and with France in the northwest. Vatican City and San Marino are the two enclaved sovereign states within Italy as its shown in the map of Italy. With its southern boundary extending into the Mediterranean Sea, the boot shaped Italian Peninsula is bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Sea of Sicily in the south, the Ionian Sea in the southeast, the Ligurian Sea, and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the southwest. The two largest Mediterranean Islands -Sardinia is located in the west and Sicily is to the south of Italy.

Where is Italy on the map

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Italy locations as its mentioned in the map of Italy: Adda River, Adige River, Adriatic Sea, Appennini Mountains, Arno River, Gulf of Genoa, Gulf of Taranto, Gulf of Venice, Ionian Sea, Lago d'Iseo, Lago d'Orta, Lago di Bolsena, Lago di Bracciano, Lago di Como, Lago di Garda, Lago di Lecco, Lago di Lugano, Lago di Varano, Lago di Vico, Lago Maggiore, Lago Trasimeno, Ligurian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Oglio River, Po River, The Alps, Tiber River and Tyrrhenian Sea.
Positioned in southern Europe, and in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, this distinctive high-heel boot shaped land is washed by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the south. With the northern part of Italy fanning out and touching France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia, whose cultures have influenced those regions as you can see in the map of Italy. And, the southern part of Italy is near Greece, Albania, and northern Africa, that have likewise left their indelible contributions. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia offer up some of Europe best beaches. Other smaller islands are found off the coast of Tuscany, Campania, Puglia, and Sicily. With the Italian peninsula consisting of 4,720 miles of coastline, finding a nice seaside spot is easy here.
Italy is a Mediterranean country located in southern Europe. It is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the east coast, the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west or Mediterranean coast, and the Ionian Sea to the south. In the north, Italy is bordered by the countries of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia as its shown in the map of Italy. The Italian mainland is a long peninsula that resembles a tall boot, so much so that the country is often referred to as "the boot," with the Puglia region in the southeast being the "heel of the boot" and the Calabria region in the southwest being the "toe of the boot."
Italy main international airports are Rome Fiumicino (also called Leonardo da Vinci), Milan Malpensa, and Venice Marco Polo as its mentioned in the map of Italy. Most visitors from North American arrive at one of these gateways, but there are dozens of airports served by flights from within Europe, including Genoa, Bergamo, Naples, and Pisa, among others.