Large map of Italy

Large detailed map of Italy. Large map of Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Large map of Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Everyone wants to visit Rome, Milan, Venice and other big and popular cities in Italy, but not many are aware of the fact that the true Italian life is actually in the smaller towns. Visit towns like Alberobello, Polignano and Taormina and feel the vibe of the narrow streets as its shown in the large map of Italy. Check out small local shops, swim on hidden beaches and the most important of all – enjoy every second of your trip. Vernazza is more of a village than a town and it is actually a part of the National park Cinque Terre. Most people consider Vernazza the most picturesque out of Cinque Terre village. Vernazza was founded in the 11th century and it mostly served as a port.

Large detailed map of Italy

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Iseo is a small town at the southern end of Lake Iseo in northern Italy. So, if you were planning to visit this magnificent lake, Iseo is the place to stay overnight. Iseo is quite large if we compare it to other lake resorts and it is very popular destination for a day trip so expect a lot of shops, bars and restaurants. Vieste the charming town in the province of Foggia counts only 13 000 residents but thanks to many tourists that visit it every year, Vieste appears to be even larger. Vieste is located on a steep Pizzomunno cliff right between two beautiful sandy beaches as its mentioned in the large map of Italy. Only 34 kilometres from Bari is situated Polignano a Mare You might think that this is yet another town on the cliffs, but it certainly has a lot to offer. At the entrance of Polignano’s historic centre you will find the Marchesale Arch, also known as Porta Grande which dates all the way back to the 16th century.
Assisi is a town in the province of Perugia, in Umbria. It is mostly known as the town where St. Francis was born, so it is very much popular among the religious tourists, but it is also one of the art and culture centres in the area. Visit the Basilica of St. Francis which is one of the best known in Italy as you can see in the large map of Italy. The Basilica is a must-see for art lovers because in the Upper Church of the Basilica has some of the famous Giotto frescoes.