Map of southern Italy

Map of southern Italy with cities. Map of southern Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of southern Italy (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Southern Italy carries a unique legacy of peculiar nature, archeology and culture. It features many major tourist attractions, such as the Palace of Caserta, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other archaeological sites (many of which are protected by UNESCO) as its shown in the map of southern Italy. Some of its beaches, woodlands and mountains are preserved in several National Parks. Some medieval cities are located in Southern Italy. The history of Southern Italy boasts numerous kings, queens, princes, popes, writers, poets, philosophers, knights, artists, architects, craftsmen, musicians, scholars, scientists, politicians and farmers.

Map of southern Italy with cities

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The south of Italy is known in Italian as the ‘Mezzogiorno’ or ‘Midday’ region and has some of the oldest and most important historical cities in Italy as well as some of the most epic beaches. The largest city of Southern Italy is Naples as its mentioned in the map of southern Italy, an originally Greek name that it has historically maintained for millennia. Bari, Taranto, Reggio Calabria, Foggia, and Salerno are the next largest cities in the area. Maratea city is positioned along the rocky coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and this medieval town with its ritzy harbour is one of the top spots in Italy. Paestum is a city on Italian soil but it was founded by the ancient Greeks when they were in control of this part of Italy, then it was known as Poseidonia after the god of the sea.
Sorrento city is an almost perfect blend of little streets and stunning history – it is one of the most beautiful towns in Southern Italy. Within easy reach of Naples by the choo-choo train, car or ferry from here to the nearby Isle of Capri, it is a great spot to visit on your trip around Italy. The city of Alberobello is unique in that it is the best-preserved example of Trulli architecture to be found in all of Italy as you can see in the map of southern Italy. Homes built in the Trulli style are made with conical stone roofs without using mortar. If you are sightseeing, there are two gorgeous churches in Tropea city too, the Santa Maria del’Isola is a medieval church that was built on an island although years of siltation has resulted in a land bridge forming between the island and the mainland.
Cities such as Naples, Lecce and Palermo have some iconic historical sites including the Castle Nuovo, the Basilica di Santa Croce, and Palermo Cathedral that are waiting to be explored. With so much to offer, a trip to Southern Italy can be a true adventure. Lecce is lovingly known as the Florence of the South due to its plethora of opulent historical structures. Located in the far south, this city is the main hub of the region and is also famed for its beautiful light Lecce Stone that has been used to create most of its structures as its shown in the map of southern Italy. Bari is a fantastic coastal town located half way up the Adriatic coast of the South of Italy. This port city has an extensive harbour, some gorgeous beaches, and a delightful historic old town centre.