Map of northern Italy cities

Northern Italy map tourist. Map of northern Italy cities (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of northern Italy cities (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Begin your visit to Northern Italy in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. The city is full of stunning Renaissance architecture, incredible cathedrals and world-class works of art. Visitors can also take a day trip to the Italian lakes and Southern Alps region from this fabulous metropolitan as its shown in the map of northern Italy cities. Milan is also home to Milan Central, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful European train stations. Venice is made up of 118 islands connected by bridges and separated by canals. This magnificent city is renowned for its beauty, architecture, artworks and cobblestone streets.

Northern Italy map tourist

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As the capital of the Tuscany region, Florence boasts amazing food and wine, along with world-class museums. Visit iconic sights, including the stately Ponte Vecchio also known as the ‘Old Bridge’, the towering Florence Duomo and Michelangelo sculpture of David. Cinque Terra has no museums or notable historic sites but it is a striking section of the Italian Riviera that has been left untouched as its mentioned in the map of northern Italy cities. After days of touring Northern Italy by train, this is the perfect place to enjoy Italy natural landscape. The hilly coastline is a mixture of rock cliffs and pretty vineyards with five beautiful and remote fishing villages.
From Alpine mountains and glacial lakes to the sunny shorelines of the Riviera and Adriatic, the geographical diversity of Northern Italy is its most striking characteristic. Nestled within the cities and landscapes of the region are a host of culinary pleasures and cultural treasures as well, including Leonardo de Vinci masterpiece, “The Last Supper” as you can see in the map of northern Italy cities. Encompassing Italy wealthiest provinces, Northern Italy is a premier destination when it comes to luxury resorts and upscale shopping too. Whether sampling fine wine and dining on world-class cuisine or exploring ancient castles, cathedrals and churches, the region offers all the memorable travel experiences visitors want from a holiday in Italy.